Health reimagined: Natural, Ethical & Innovative

We develop the future of health care with software, concepts & educational content.

Valenus Group is an investment group and company builder with the goal of helping every person on earth to live as healthy and as long as possible.

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People all over the world have everything they need from birth to live a natural, healthy and long life. Unfortunately, industrialized living conditions make it difficult to achieve this. Obesity, depression, and many other common diseases are at an all-time high. However, I am convinced that everyone can regain their original health. To help everyone achieve this potential, Valenus Group is developing the world's best prophylactic and therapeutic concepts. We develop our technology, our software and all concepts in such a way that they are affordable for everyone in the world. It's time to take the word healthcare literally: instead of focusing on treating the symptoms of disease, we develop technology, concepts and educational resources to prevent these diseases from occurring in the first place.
Marius Schober
Founder of Valenus
Our Vision

Our goal is to enable everyone to transform their health so that they can live a truly fulfilling, conscious and active life. Valenus is emerging as an ethical, transparent and independent partner for all people on the entire world - with software and treatment concepts from prophylaxis to rehabilitation.

Succession & Acquisitions

We are looking worldwide for companies that offer excellent concepts or software solutions but have not yet fully exploited their potential. We offer you a sensible succession solution through a complete takeover of your company based on a fair valuation taking into account your individual situation.

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