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My primary goal is to establish Valenus as the world's leading and exemplary provider of software and concepts focused on the prevention of disease, the maintenance, promotion and rehabilitation of mental and physical well-being, and the promotion of healthy nutrition.
Marius Schober
Massive Transformative Purpose

Our mission is to empower every person in the world to transform their health so that they can live a truly fulfilling, conscious and active life.

Vision Valenus 2030

The Valenus 2030 vision is an ambitious but realistic plan for an ethical and inspiring healthcare approach to prevention and rehabilitation. Valenus is focused on developing world-class technology and world-leading treatment concepts and healthcare approaches that bring an unprecedented standard of care, including a guarantee of quality for patients and insurers.

Social and ethical responsibilities

First and foremost, Valenus Group takes responsibility for people. This means responsibility to all employees, patients and customers, as well as to the communities in which and for whom we work. Our goal is to create the highest level of transparency in the market, to guarantee treatment success and to create complete independence from the industry and insurers – in terms of content and finances.


Our success is based on a very simple principle: doing the right thing, always and at all times - for our employees, our patients and the communities in which we operate.

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